FTM Trans.Code: Parents Gone Wrong Ayden secretly recorded phone conversation with his parents!


It is. Wow. This is unbelievable. The level of ignorance is just =/

You aren’t an abomination, you are an amazing person -.- and I’m sorry your parents don’t see all of this. This disgusts me so much.

Stay strong <3

</33 :’(


Ignorance like this is so heartbreaking >:(

I don’t even want to finish watching this, it breaks my heart.

;~; I would go to your wedding :c

religion can be so corrupting on people. ayden you’re beautiful, you shouldn’t have to put up with that shit.

…. =’(!

don’t think i can watch this whole thing. it broke my heart and i wasn’t even all the way through. you’re a beautiful person. no matter what anyone says about it. and if you’re happy with yourself, thats all that should matter. <3 

Wowww, this is so horrible. This is why I hate parents sometimes. You are so beautiful and strong. Who cares about what they think? Keep doing what you’re going <3

I just really need this on my blog. He is amazing for having the courage to make this video and share it with everyone, and still be so strong. What an amazing human. 

this is heart breaking

He fights for who he is and that is amazing. It will be okay. Don’t let your parents get to you..

I have to bring this back. This disgusts me; you’re amazing, I’m sorry your parents don’t accept you.

I feel like I have had these conversations word for word about being gay with my parents. The pain of having your own parents reject you can really hurt in some cases ruin your well being. Hate is NEVER a form of love. I have had to let go of unhealthy/abusive relationships to truly accept that I have to expect that kind of love to receive it.

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    This is how my parents kind of are, like, besides all the God talk…
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    Nothing but respect for you.
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    What are these parents address. The absolute ignorance and hatred for their own child drives me to such anger that I...
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    I got so mad at this. I am so sick of all of the ignorance in the world.
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    Very sad, but such a strong person.
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    Feel for this girl. She’s tough, idk of I’ll ever get to have a talk with my parents about being gay. Mad respect!
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    I feel like I have had these conversations word for word about being gay with my parents. The pain of having your own...
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    How could such a wonderful person come from such awful people?
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    you’re an amazing young man i’m so sorry your parents can’t see that
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